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with natural product intended for vaginal cleansing, balancing urovaginal microflora, elimination of vaginal discharge and odor, tightening of the vagina, increase of libido and intensification of sexual feelings

Jamu Stick is a 100% natural product focused on vaginal health. Jamu Stick is an effective means in the fight against vaginal discharge, unpleasant odors which in most cases is associated with infections, the release of vaginal muscles due to aging, childbirth frequent sexual intercourse. Jamu Stick sensitizes, cleans and regenerates the vagina, has a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of the secretion. By removing the dead skin cells of the surface layers of the vaginal epithelial skin, Jamu Stick helps to regenerate and balancing the vaginal microflora while maintaining the balance of the substance (secretions) inside the vagina. Jamu Stick is known for its ability to tighten the vagina, strengthen vaginal muscles and increase libido, thanks to the unique composition and synergistic cooperation of selected herbal ingredients.

Jamu Stick is manufactured according to a secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. The recipe consists of selected herbs, which can be found only on the pure islands in Indonesia. Women from these islands and all over Indonesia have used these “sticks” since the time immemorial and are still used to maintain intimate purity and love for their husbands. Take care of a husband is a very important life challenge for Indonesian women, and primarily involves a very carefully concern for sexuality as such, including proper intimate hygiene. A healthy, clean, tight, fragrant vagina is the key to a happy sexual life and a happy marriage. Jamu Stick is a unique part of Indonesian culture to which they belong maintaining female beauty, health, body, and soul.

Jamu Stick is made with respect to the intended use, therefore, it has a rounded shape approximately 12 cm length and 2.5 cm wide. Jamu Stick is handmade, its shape and size are therefore individual. Jamu Stick is inserted into the vagina and it should remain in it for at least 30 seconds. This gives enough time for the herbs stimulating hormone balance and strengthens the flabby or insensitive vaginal muscles. Tightening of the vaginal wall increases sexual feelings, restore a sense of youth and vitality during intercourse. Tightening the vagina is noticeable immediately after the first use Jamu Stick and persists for several days. If you use the Jamu Stick every 3-4 days, the tightening is permanent. Also, when problems with vaginal discharge or odor Jamu Stick is effective immediately. After a very short time processing, Jamu Stick inside vagina all the “problems” literally glued to the surface of the stick. After removing the Jamu Stick from the vagina immediately will see and feel the difference. To completely eliminate problems and restore vaginal balance, it is necessary to use the Jamu Stick regularly.

Jamu Stick is an affordable, efficient, easy to use, safe and highly effective way to solve problems with a loose vagina, vaginal discharge, and odor.

The biggest sexual secret of Asian women:
During sexual intercourse rhythmically hold-release vaginal muscles, used various herbal mixtures and especially Jamu Stick.

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Jamu Stick 100% Herbal
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Header Main Ingredients

Quercus Infectoria (Oak Galls)

The plant also known as “Manjakani” is highly astringent, have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Researchers also has found that it is rich in vitamin A, C, tannins, gallic acid and proteins. Manjakani is widely used in Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian traditional medicine because of its high content of tannins, which have the ability to tighten the vaginal muscles. Its natural antiseptic properties are effective in eliminating bacterial, yeast and fungal infections, which are the main cause of vaginal discharge and unpleasant odors.


Guazuma Ulmifolia (Bastard Cedar)

The plant also known as “Jati Belanda” has strong regenerative effects that help restore vaginal tissue and the natural physiological state of the mucosa. Other effects are: antibacterial, antiviral, anticancer, anti-fungal, antioxidant, antispasmodic, hypoglycemic and astringent. Astringents have constricting effects, locally narrowing of the blood vessels and adjusting secretion, returning the strength of the uterus and muscles after delivery. It regulates the level of estrogen and neutralizes the hormonal imbalance. Helps alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Bolus Alba (Kaolin)

Due to its purifying, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties Kaolin is a frequently used base ingredient in the production of cosmetics. Kaolin draws out impurities and toxins, while dead skin cells are removed. The mineral stimulates the skin’s renewal process and revitalized the skin. Its antiseptic, deodorizing and soothing properties leave the skin purified, supple and ultra- smooth. Kaolin serves as a carrier and guarantees an even release of Jamu Sticks’ active ingredients.

Parameria Laevigata (Cebu Balsam)

Also known as “Kayu Rapet”. A decoction of the bark is widely used by women from Indonesia and especially to tightening the uterus and vagina after childbirth. However, they are using all parts of the plant, both locally and orally. However, for example, in Malaysia where the plant is very rare, with women resorting only to the leaves, which can be harvested without destroying the tree and used as the main constituent of many vaginal tightening means. In Malaysia, the leaves are referred to as “Daun Serapat” which means “leaves tightness”.

Parameriae Cortex

Piper Betle (Betel leaf)

The plant also known as “Daun Sirih”  is a very good antiseptic. Antiseptic contained in the Jamu Stick, serves for killing germs in the female genitals. Betel leaves treat and cleanse the female reproductive organs and regulate the scent secretions. The benefit for the female genitals is primarily the ability to eliminate vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, itching, irregular menstruation and relieve menstrual bleeding. Otherwise, Betel Leaf has almost the same effects as Manjakani.

Betel Leaf

Potassium Alum (Alunite)

The natural stone also known as Angel Wing or Alum Stone. Alunite has a good grounding and stabilizing energy that helps to stabilize you both physically and emotionally. It is known as stone that is balancing to the yin and yang energies. It is not really known when these stones were first discovered as they have been in use since ancient times. In Ancient Egypt, ancient China and in the Roman empire Alunite it was used for various purposes but mainly to reduce body odor.

Punica Granatum (Pomegranate)

Already in ancient times was the fruit pomegranate regarded not only as the fruit of love and passion, but also a potent aphrodisiac. In many cultures around the world, a pomegranate original symbol of versatility in harmony as well as sensual love, passion, potency, and fertility. Peel, seeds and also root bark are known for their hemostatic, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal and regenerating properties, which is especially used in the care of problematic skin prone to acne and inflammatory manifestations.

Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack)

Or “Tongkat Ali”. Tongkat Ali is a slang name in Indonesian and Asian natural medicine to a group of herbal aphrodisiacs, especially because of the ability to significantly enhance libido and sexual function. Tongkat Ali is used not only to increase libido and sexual function but also against a broad spectrum of diseases. For stimulating effect is used in therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, and arthritis. Within this broad spectrum of toning effects of Tongkat Ali, it is very similar to Ginseng or Maral root.

Tongkat Ali

All the contained ingredients in the Jamu Stick come from bio-dynamically and fertile environment in which it is guaranteed natural cycle of growth and ripening process. The raw material comes from the island regions in Indonesia, which often have no standards for organic certification. But we can guarantee that Jamu Stick produced only from raw materials grown in accordance with our ethical and quality code. The production process takes place with the utmost care while maintaining the old traditions. Processing never takes place direct heat of the sun, so the raw materials will always keep their molecular structure and are completely organic.

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Header Exclusive Benefits


Jamu Stick is made from traditional healing herbs, which can be found complete only on the virgin island of Indonesia. The lengthy process of growing these natural resources in the fertile and unpolluted environment of the tropical ecosystem provides the product with solid foundations for highest purity, quality, bioenergy value, and efficiency.



Ingredients contained in Jamu Stick remove the dead skin cells of the superficial layer of the skin, thereby regenerate and balance the natural microbial flora in the vagina. Each woman has a natural smell of vaginal secretions, but the stronger odors is always an indication of imbalance and vaginal problems. Jamu Stick help to get rid of the unpleasant odor by supporting the process of healing various type of vaginal infection such as mycosis, vaginitis, yeast and bacterial infections, that cause vaginal discharge.


Jamu Stick strengthens uterine and vaginal muscles and thereby brings pleasurable sensations during intercourse for both you and your partner. With regular use, Jamu Stick will make you feel younger and confident, which will positively affect the quality of your sex life. Tightening effect you feel in most cases, immediately after the first application.

 Self-confidence gives you also the feeling of certainty that your vagina clean and healthy.


Jamu Stick is suitable for women of all ages who want to tighten vaginal muscles prevent vaginal discharges, odor, irregular menstruation or increase libido. By Jamu Stick positive effect on hormonal balance, its use also appropriate for women in the transition period or thereafter.



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Consumer studies show the following gynecological and health benefits of regular use.*

99% Remarkable tightening of the vagina after the first application, 99% Enhanced hygiene in the intimate area after first application, 99% Internal cleansing and regeneration process in the vagina, 99% Eliminates vaginal odor, 95% Successfully treatment vaginal infections, 90% Regenerate damaged and infected skin area inside the vagina, 86% Since the successful treatment of the infection no further vaginal infections occurred, 78% Regulates the amount of vaginal secretions, 68% Reduced vaginal discharge, 62% Increase libido and intensifies the sensation during sexual intercourse, 56% Clearer consistency and improved taste of the vagina’s secretion, 43% Decreased menstrual discomfort and irregularities

*Consumer studies conducted with women aged 19-55 years in the use of the product Jamu Stick twice a week for two months.

Tight Vagina

What causes vaginal loosening muscles?

For loose vagina many women feel ashamed, loose vagina reduces sexual pleasure, women feel old and without form. In fact, almost all adult women have to some extent a naturally extended and loose vagina at least as a result of frequent sexual activity. Other factors that cause the vagina is distended, very open, deformed and has damaged vaginal tissue are pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, and age.
There are a few methods to deal with a loose vagina. From popular Kegel exercises, local treatments in the form of tightening creams to surgical procedure (vaginoplasty). All of these methods can work but have many pitfalls. The effect of Kegel’s exercises is seen for a very long time. Astringent lotions and other topical methods can cause allergic reactions or are ineffective. Vaginoplasty and other surgical procedures are expensive and time-consuming. The best solution for vaginal rejuvenation is 100% natural product Jamu Stick.
After inserting Jamu Stick into the vagina begins to be absorbed by the mucous herbal mixture that stimulates the hormonal balance and strengthens the vaginal muscles. Tightening of the vaginal wall increases sexual feelings, restores a sense of youth and vitality during intercourse and provides mutual satisfaction. Jamu Stick restores the confidence of women in herself and will feel like a virgin time.

What causes vaginal discharge and odor?

Vaginal discharge is a absolutely normal part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. This secretion is affected by menstruation, sexual arousal, ovulation, and diet. Secretions perform a self-cleaning function and protect against drying of the vaginal lining, injuries, and infections. In the intimate life, then spout ensures adequate moistening of the vagina during intercourse.
In the normal healthy state discharge is clear or milky white color and neutral smell (smell varies mainly during menstrual period or sexual excitement) and non-irritating (pH ranges from 3.8 to 4.5). However, many women suffer from abnormal and unpleasant smell vaginal discharge with yellow, yellow-green, brown or grayish color and unnatural thick or lumpy consistency which in most cases the symptoms yeast and bacterial infections. The conditions for the occurrence of these infections usually create problems in the pH balance in the vagina. Factors that cause yeast or bacterial infections are: too many showering (it interferes with the normal activity of bacteria in the vagina), diet and especially if you eat a lot of unhealthy food, unprotected sex, anal sex – if you are over with by sexual activity (urinary tract infection).
Most women will have problems in one form or another yeast and bacterial infections several times during their lives. Infections there are many medications, but for many women, it is embarrassing to cure smelly vaginal discharge with a doctor or pharmacist, they experience trauma and less self-confidence for the pleasure sex. If you want to get rid of vaginal discharge, vaginal odor unpleasant, tighten the loose vagina and keep it healthy, use regular Jamu Stick.

Header How to Use

1. Before using the Jamu Stick, wash your hands and vagina.

2. Rinse the Jamu Stick with clean running water and dry with a non-color towel. For easier inserting into the vagina, keep Jamu Stick slightly damp.

3. Hold the stick between your thumb and forefinger and insert it carefully into the vagina approximately 5-6 cm deep. Let the stick work for one minute *, then remove it. During the operation, you can rotate the bar several times to avoid “squeezing” the vaginal wall.

How To Use Jamu Stick

4. After each use rinse the stick under running water, dry with a non-colored towel and store in a well ventilated and dry place (not in the bathroom).

Use the Jamu Stick once or twice a week, and as a precaution once or twice a month.

5. For occasionally tighten the vagina or increase sexual libido use Jamu Stick 30 – 60 minutes before intercourse and let it act for one minute.*

* One minute is the time recommended by the manufacturer. But every woman is unique and time for keeps Jamu Stick inside the vagina is individual. We do not recommend to leave the stick in vagina more than 5 minutes.

After a few seconds to minutes, you can record astringent effect. Jamu Stick encouraged to use every 3-4 days, according to the length of the regeneration process. In severe cases of Dysbiosis, you may experience during the applications burning sensation. This indicates the beginning of the healing process and will fade along with the withdrawal symptoms. If persistent burns persist even after the third application, stop using the stick. In the use of a stick, continue one month after leaving the stick in the vagina for a shorter time. After 24-48 hours, you can record a white lumpy discharge. It is only a consequence of the herbal effect. After the first few use of Jamu Stick, the dead cells inside the vagina peel off and leave the vagina soft, clean and regenerated. Do not use any detergent that will interfere again with the pH of the vagina and may react with the stick.

CAUTION: Do not use the Jam Stick during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and during serious vaginal infections or other illnesses. Do not use the stick every day, your vagina would be too dry. The effects of the stick will be reduced if you stop using it. For the permanent effect of vaginal tightening, prevention of infections, maintenance of clean and healthy genitals, we recommend using the Jamu Stick regularly. Only use the stick according to the instructions given. If vaginal problems persist, visit your doctor or homeopath.


When applying to a larger part of the skin (eg stretch marks, scars, etc.), repeatedly rub affected parts of the body with a damp stick. We recommend applying with open pores (shower or bath). After drying, a white layer appears on the skin, allow it to absorb as long as possible, preferably overnight. Then wash with water.
When applying to small parts of the skin (eg pimples, small wounds, small scars, etc.), press the moistened tip of the stick onto the affected area and let it act for a while. Repeat several times a day.
After each use, rinse the stick under running water, dry it with a non colored towel and store it in a well ventilated and dry place (not in the bathroom).

Header How to Keep

● After each use rinse the Jamu Stick under lukewarm running water (do not use soap or other chemical preparations) and dry with a clean towel.
● Protect the Jamu Stick from sunlight and store in a well-ventilated and dry place (not a bathroom).
● Do not use the Jamu Stick during showering or bathing to avoid excessive dissolving of the stick with water.
● Jamu Stick is very brittle and easily breakable, please handle with care.
● In case of unwanted breakage or jamming of the stick in the vagina, take the squat position, push the vaginal muscles to move the stick to the vaginal entry, and pull out with your fingers.
● Each Jamu Stick is handmade, so the appearance of the individual.
● Jamu Stick contains a mixture of herbs that do not have expiration time.
However, it is recommended to consume the stick for up to 6 months after first use. When used regularly, the stick lasts for several months.

● Jamu Stick should be white color without odor (neutral). Versions of ROSE, BETEL LEAF and MANJAKANI have a light color tone and fresh aroma.

The Original

The original Jamu Stick, which contains all the basic ingredients


Contains all of the basic ingredients + dried Rose petals

Betel Leaf

Contains all of the basic ingredients + extra amount of Betel Leaf


Contains all of the basic ingredients + extra amount of Manjakani extract

Y Rose

Contains all of the basic ingredients + dried Rose petals

The family of vagina care and intimate hygiene include many other products. There are included others type of sticks, eggs or wands from natural stones for vaginal muscles exercise and balance the energies, pills, capsules, powders, oils or vaginal steams (traditional method for vaginal treatment using the steam from boiled herb ingredients).

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Icon Yoni Steam
Icon Yoni Egg
Icon Oil
Icon Pills
Icon Powder

Recommendation: Many women achieve very positive results after combining multiple ways of vaginal care. Regular caring will bring you an amazing result as pure intimacy area without infections, vaginal discharge, undesirable odors, and at the same time tighten the vagina and returns the same feeling as in virginity.