Collaborate with us!

We offer several cooperation options for everybody who will expand our herbal products focus on vagina health care, all over the world.

New job opportunity, career development, distribution, wholesaling or dropshipping.

New job opportunity or career
If you are looking for a job where nobody cares, what is your education or experience, but what you really can do? Then you can start your business or build your career.

Distribution and wholesaling
Buy our products for your own business network, store or e-shop for wholesale prices.

Do you own an e-shop with products for intimate hygiene or health? Do you think our products can be part of your e-shop? You do not want to buy products physically from us and stock them? Choose Dropshipping, offer our products in your e-shop and forward your orders to us. After each transaction, you get the difference between the retail and the wholesale price.

To cooperate with us, use the contact form or simply email us:
In the email, specify what kind of cooperation you are interested in.