My full name is very long, so people call me Eka.
I was born and I live in one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia – Bali. I come from a small village, my parents are farmers, we live very naturally, and simply. We never had enough money, but every day we are happy and we share the love with others. We are grateful for every blessing we receive.
From my childhood, I have a warm relationship with traditional medicine, natural healing, and herbs. My mother teaches me her knowledge of herbs in terms of use for medical purposes. She taught me how to care for my body and soul beauty in a natural way.
My mother said, “The real beauty of a woman is not just what people see in your face, but how is your attitude-behavior in life, how your heart is, how your kindness and how intelligent you are”.
I graduated from a study focusing on natural products as a “natural specialist”, but I would rather define it as a “natural product expert”. Then I went through several courses of intimate health and hygiene.

I have an amazing husband who helps me be a better person. He gave me an idea to devote myself to selling natural products for women around the world. Helping them to be healthy, happy and to keep their inner and outer beauty. Due to my passion and knowledge of natural healing, I decided to listen to my husband and spread natural products originating in my country that are beneficial to intimate health, respect for nature and ethical values. I am convinced of the quality of the products I offer.

Apart from the products, we also offer advice on my products through the contacts on this website.
I wish you a lot of satisfaction with my products and shopping at my e-shop.

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